Casa Genoveva Ubatuba beach


Perfectly situated in between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, Ubatuba is one of the last unspoilt places in Brazil. The most beautiful beaches, spectacular nature and friendly Community will make your holiday unforgettable.

With more than 100 beaches on offer in Ubatuba you can discover something new every day and the variety is sure to cater for every taste; be it desire for solitude, crowds of people, surfing, the rolling waves or just enjoying the warm South American sun.
A must-see are the many waterfalls with their crystal clear water. Professional guides can lead you to the most beautiful places in the Atlantic Rain forest and you will have the chance to discover fascinating tropical vegetation and colorful birds in their natural environment, preserved in a unique nature reserve. But you need not travel that far to see the wonders Brazil has to offer. You can spot Oncas and Turtles directly from the beautiful house in which you reside!

Everything is at your doorstep.. Enjoy all attractions of Ubatuba staying at the most luxurious mansion of this region. Casa Genoveva is a perfect place to enjoy solitude, to relax and meditate, to get inspiration and create. Whether you are an artist, writer, photographer, nature or sports lover, you will find your place here.Casa Genoveva is a suitable venue for different kinds of courses and workshops whether it’s a yoga trip or photography tour.

What to do In Ubatuba

For nature lovers:

Over 100 beaches for all kinds of audiences, from the high waves to the calms waters, completely deserted or with big crowds
Bird watching – Ubatuba is one of the best places in Brazil to practice birdwatching, with more than 500 different birds species already identified.
Prumirim Waterfall – a sequence of waterfalls, surrounded by tropical rainforest
Nature reserve of the Island Anchieta


Car Museum
Ocean Aquarium
Ruinen da Lagoinha (A beach with historic background)
The famous Sea Turtle Projekto Tamar – country’s most important sea turtle conservation project offers the chance to get up close and personal with the sea turtles
Only 316 kms from Rio de Janeiro by car or bus

Water Sports:

Surfing – Ubatuba is considered the Surf Capital of Sao Paulo State. More than 10 important surf contests are held on its beaches every year.
Stand up paddle boarding
Skim boarding

Other Sports:

Cycling – Ubatuba offers many scenic bicycle routes